Disaster Management

District Disaster Management Authority, Muzaffarpur

District Disaster Management Authority, Muzaffarpur, as the apex body, is mandated to lay down the policies, plans and guidelines for Disaster Management to ensure timely and effective response to disasters. Towards this, it has the following responsibilities:-

  • Lay down policies on disaster management at district level;
  • Develop guidelines and follow the order of State Authorities.
  • Integrating the measures for prevention of disaster or the mitigation of its effects in their development plans and projects;
  • Coordinate the enforcement and implementation of the policy and plans for disaster management.
  • Capacity building and training of concerned stakeholders.
  • Recommend provision of funds for the purpose of mitigation;
  • Provide such support to other district affected by major disasters as may be determined by the state Government;
  • Take such other measures for the prevention of disaster or the mitigation, or preparedness and capacity building for dealing with threatening disaster situations or disasters as it may consider necessary;
  • To draft District Disaster Management Plan and other sectoral plans for holistic, integrative and participative disaster management systems.
  • Taking all measures and implement provisions given in Disaster Management  Acts, 2005

The District Disaster Management Authority, Muzaffarpur was constituted by District Magistrate for implementation of Circular of Bihar Government (Sr.No-1 ,प्रा०आ०-16/2008-1502, आ०प्र०, Dated-13.06.2008 under Disaster Management Act, Govt. of India, Section-25.

The following members of the Authority are designated:

1. District Magistrate Chairman
2. Chairman, Zila Parishad Co Chairman
3. Senior Police Superintendent Member
4. District Development Commissioner Member
5. Chief Medical Officer cum Civil Surgeon Member
6. Additional District Magistrate, Disaster Management Chief Executive Officer/ Incharge Officer
7. Executive Engineer, Flood Control Division, Burhi Gandak, Muzaffarpur Member


  • District Disaster Management Section, Muzaffarpur

The primary responsibility of District Disaster Management Section, Muzaffarpur is to support the departments and other stakeholders by providing logistical and financial support. On behalf of the Disaster Management Department, this Section coordinates with concerned departments. The section is responsible for prevention, mitigation, response, relief and rehabilitation. Major responsibilities of the District Disaster Management Section are as follows:

  • Resource mobilization for relief and response to natural disasters
  • Operation of control room and situation reports
  • Multi-hazard Early Warning Systems
  • Matters related to State Disaster Response Fund
  • All matters related to disaster response, preparedness,     prevention, mitigation and capacity building
  • Inter-agency cooperation in disaster management Post- disaster/long term rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • All administrative and budget matters
  • Strengthening of fire and emergency services

The following members of the section are designated:

1. District Magistrate
2. Additional District Magistrate, Disaster Management.
3. Senior Deputy Collector/ Incharge Officer
4. Head Clerk
5. Assistant Clerk (03)
6. Computer Operator (01)
7. Peon (02)

 Phone Number-0621-2213513

  •  District Emergency Operation Centre

The District Emergency Operation Centre, Muzaffarpur is functioning in the district to coordinate emergency management and disaster response operations.

  • To monitor, coordinate and implement the actions for disaster management;
  • Activate the ESF (Emergency Support Function) in the event of a disaster and coordinate the actions of various departments and    response agencies;
  • Ensure that all warning, communication systems and instruments are in working conditions;
  • Receive information on a routine basis from the district departments on the vulnerability of the various places and villages
  • Receive reports on the preparedness of the district level departments and the resources at their disposal to arrange and      meet their requirements;
  • Upgrade the Disaster Management Action according to the changing scenario;
  • Maintain a web-based inventory of all resources through the India Disaster Resource Network (IDRN) and Bihar State Disaster        Resources Network (BSDRN).
    • Provide information to Disaster Management Department of the disaster/ emergencies/accidents taking place in the district regularly and maintain a data base of disasters and losses caused by them;
  • Maintain a data base and communication plan of trained personnel and volunteers who could be contacted at any time;
  • Coordination with on-site operation center, State EOC and other emergency services.

The following members of the section are designated:

1. District Magistrate
2. Additional District Magistrate, Disaster Management
3. Incharge Officer
4. Programmer (03)
5. Computer Operator (03)
6. IT Boy (03)


Phone Number-0621-2212007